Friday, 16 December 2011

My Favourite Thing -A Hand Lens

Pottery hobby or interest in Minerals or Plants?

Some people just love gadgets particularly the new electronic ones. However here is one that has stood the test of time. Its just a hand lens- a magnifier you might say-but such a valuable piece of hobby kit.

Whether you want to look in detail at that pottery fault, or check there isn't a crack before you fire a piece this hand lens will save you so much time and money. Other interests such as looking at crystal minerals and fossils up close are also catered for.

Glaze Crawl faultPerfect Present For a Potter

A hand lens that lets you see the problem.

So often when you are learning to make pottery the results are not as you would expect or wish for. The piece has a small fault., a large speck or change in colour, just where you can see it! Use this neat little hand lens to see what really caused the fault.

Make sure that next time that perfect piece you made for a friend really turns out that way. Perfect

In this case it was possible to identify that the colour has crawled back leaving an area without colour.

Lenses or Loupe

The Same Thing!

Whether you are buying a magnifier for your pottery hobby or for studying the detail on jewellery, different names are often used. For example lenses used for looking at jewellery are often called loupe. In real terms they are all a magnifying lens.
However, the quality of lens determines the quality of image. So choose the best you can afford for something you will keep for a lifetime!

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