Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Ten pottery making tips for the beginner

My top 10 pottery making tips for the beginner

1. Go to pottery making classes. Everyone has to learn somehow. Although it can be comforting to learn on your own it will be much more fun with others. In addition your skills will improve much quicker!

2. Don't be put off by the terminology! Pottery making uses some strange and quirky terms. But dont be put off! It wont be long before you know green ware from biscuit ware.

3. Be prepared to get dirty-you can tell a potter by his hands and shoes!Even with an apron it is impossible to stay clean when making pottery. Your hands and shoes will get dirty! Treat it as part of the fun so dress appropriately.

4. Enjoy the experience-dont be put off if it goes wrong!It goes wrong for everyone including the experts so don't be afraid to experiment. Remember that your designs are unique and you have the chance to express your own creativity.

5. Read some simple pottery making books. Lots of pottery books are available so choose books with simple descriptions and pictures to get you started. My recommendations can be found at Books,however, are no substitute for classes but they should reinforce your learning.

6. Ask questions. Asking questions aids memory so you learn quicker. Don't be embarassed to ask even the most simple of questions. Remember you are probably only saying what many others are thinking!

7. Practise then practise some more!This probably should be my number 1 tip on the list. As with most things in life, the more you practise the more skilled you become and the more enjoyable will be the experience.

8. Develop your own style. Dont be afraid to experiment-its your chance to show your artistic flair.

9. Make some pots & give them away. It makes you feel good and you might even find a soul mate.

10. Share your experience with a loved one. Making pottery can become a real passion so dont forget to share your experiences with your loved one. They might even want to join you at the next pottery class.

For the more experienced potter why not visit my tips page at

Alternatively why not test your pottery knowledge with my quick pottery quiz

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